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Can I change my booking?
Yes, you can change your booking, free of charge, up to 24 hours before the date and time of the booking, depending on availability.

Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, a full refund is guaranteed up to 48 hours before the date and time of the booking. A booking canceled less than 48 hours ahead will not be refunded.

How can I pay?
Online booking is possible with Visa or MasterCard cards and PayPal. As with any car rental, credit card details are required as a withdrawal authorization on the day of rental. A 800€ deposit per vehicle, not debited, will be requested before you start off.

Can I book several cars?
At the time of purchase, please specify the number of cars you would like to hire together. If you have rented 2 (or more) Memosine cars between friends or family, the other cars in the group (“Flotilla” mode) will appear on the GPS. They are therefore never out of sight and you can even communicate via chat.

What driving licence is required in order to be able to rent a car?
You must be over 21 years of age and have had a Permis B (standard French driving licence), a European Union driving license or an equivalent international license for more than one year.

For internationals, we recommend that you provide an official international driving licence. However, we accept local driving licenses from foreign countries, provided that they are valid and equivalent. If it is written in a language very different from French or English, we advise that you send it in advance to e-mail address for verification purposes.

How many drivers can drive the cars?
It is possible to have 2 named drivers at no extra cost.

How many people fit in a car?
2 people maximum. There is however a way of traveling in “Flotilla” mode, whereby you rent several cars and travel as a group: the other cars are displayed on your GPS and you can communicate with them via chat.

Can I buy a tour as a gift?
Yes. The purchase system deals with gift vouchers. The lucky recipient can then proceed with the booking separately.

What does the insurance include?
The cars are insured against all risks. This insurance covers damage to the rented vehicle and to third-party vehicles, to people (including the driver) and third parties. medical assistance is included. Excesses and upper limits remain applicable (see general terms and conditions).

Is petrol included?
Yes, both petrol and electricity are included in the rates.



How are we guided?
The car’s GPS integrates a predefined route. You can simply follow it and stop either at the suggested stops or when you wish to do so. You can also steer away from the route before automatically coming back to it on demand.

Can I leave the car?
You can park your car to visit a château, walk down a pedestrian street or go for lunch. With your tablet, you can also visit certain cities and villages on foot, such as Saint-Emilion, all the while enjoying the guide and commentary.

Can I use all types of roads?
The cars are not allowed on dual carriageways or motorways.



How are the wine tastings organized?
They are planned as part of your tour and your car will guide you to the right place. There are two options: either the châteaux are open all day and you can turn up at any time, or we have organized a tasting at a particular time and you must turn up at that programmed time.

Are meals included in the tour?
Meals are not included. You can search for local amenities at any time on your tablet. Restaurants and bars are displayed on the map and their contact details are listed in proximity order.

Can we buy wine during the tour?
Any purchases you make at châteaux will easily fit in the boot, provided for that very purpose at the back of the cars. Wine merchants and maisons du vin are also displayed on the map and their contact details are listed by order of proximity when you click on the Services function.

Can we drive and drink wine?
French law allows up to 0,50 g of alcohol per liter of blood while driving, which represents about two full glasses of wine, depending on your weight. Wine tastings included in the tours are limited to reasonable quantities, below this limit. You can therefore legally et securely drive the vehicle while respecting road safety rules.



What types of car are available?
The electric cars are Biros from Italian manufacturer Estrima. The convertible cars are Fun500s from French manufacturer Secma. Tall people of more than 6’2ft (1,90m) may experience driving difficulties. They are welcome as passengers.

Are the cars safe?
Yes. The cars are suited to the routes. The electric cars are perfect in a city. Non-polluting and silent, they are very easy to drive as they don’t have a gearbox. They can adopt the safest speed for a smooth drive around the city. As for the Cabriolet they are perfectly suited to a smooth ride through the vineyards. They are very well designed in terms of road holding and braking (4 disk brakes) and their speed capability is also adapted. They are not allowed on dual carriageways or motorways, however, where they are not insured.

Are the gearboxes automatic?
The electric cars are automatic. The convertible cars have classic manual gearboxes.

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